Cancer protection

We all know that Cancer is the #1 killer in Singapore and that it accounts for 30% of total deaths in Singapore annually, making it the #1 killer in Singapore. 

💊Been rejected by insurers or offered high premiums or excluded for Cancer😰❓


🔰Guaranteed payout for all stages of Cancer

🔰Starts from $0.50/ day for $100K

🔰Ease of application

🔰Coverage for all ages


🌡️ Are you faced with❓

🍫Diabetes, 💉High Blood, 💔Heart issues, 🍟Overweight, Underweight, 🧬 Kidney failure & 🧂High Cholesterol


Are you someone who understands the fundamentals of Cancer protection and income replacement❓


At Perfectus SG, let us guide you to a financial adviser in Singapore based on your budget and protection needs.


If your answer is 'Yes' for these questions, you are eligible:

✅I don't have/had signs and symptoms or have/had been diagnosed with cancer, tumour, lump or growth.

✅I am not awaiting investigation or consultation, or on observation for cancer, tumour, lump or growth.

✅I don't have two or more natural parent/ siblings who have or had any type of cancer.